about the “1001 HEIMAT*” project

What does home mean to you? That’s the question that the Stapferhaus took on tour through Switzerland between July and December 2016. The Stapferhaus invited 1,000 visitors at 12 funfairs to discuss their feelings of home during a free ride on the Ferris wheel. Before the ride, they filled out a questionnaire on the topic of home. Their answers provided the basic data for this website. More information about the roadshow: 1001heimat.ch/journey

The ”1001 HEIMAT” project is part of the Stapferhaus exhibition “HEIMAT. Drawing the line”, shown at Zeughaus Lenzburg from 11 March 2017 to 25 March 2018. stapferhaus.ch

* The German word “Heimat” has a broader meaning than its English translation “home”. The powerful emotional ties it evokes are probably best described as a “sense of belonging”.


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